Press for ‘Chosen Daughter’

I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve had from the press about ‘Chosen Daughter’ which was released nearly 3 months ago <3

The Sun, reviewing the record alongside Ringo Starr called it ‘a thought-provoking, narrative-rich song cycle which is both timeless and contemporary’.

The Observer said: ‘Maz O’Connor has transformed into a highly individual singer-songwriter whose vocals have acquired a swooping freedom reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’.

RnR said ‘Chosen Daughter is a compelling album, full of feminist themes and heartfelt stories, with enough commercial clout to break out beyond Maz O’Connor’s folk background’.

And Songlines called the record ‘a haunting examination of womanhood’.

I’m so grateful to all the journalists who wrote so kindly about the album and helped me get the word out about it. Thanks, too, to Gaby Roslin for having me on BBC Radio London to play some tracks live.

Maz x