Pre-order ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ now

I’m releasing a cover of ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ on April 28th. The song means a lot to me, and I wanted to give it a different slant. I’ve been playing it live for a while now, and people kept asking me to record it, so here it is…comes out April 28th but available to pre-order now here

I’ve got another single coming on May 12th, my original ‘Wasteland’. Here’s a little explanation behind the double release:

My ‘Young Hearts/Wasteland’ release is offering two sides to my music. My cover of ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ is me interpreting a classic song endeavouring to find something new in it. Someone else’s story, my voice. It’s a song I’ve loved for years, but I never really heard the words until recently. I covered it because I felt I could add something, a new take, a different way of relating to a song we usually hear on the dancefloor. ‘Wasteland’ is my own original, and explores a conflicted relationship with a city, parallel to a conflicted personal relationship, and one with the cycle of the seasons.

I’m releasing them one after the other because they speak to each other. Lyrically they both explore the complexities of relationships, of feeling wedded to something, of wondering whether love has been wasted, and the bittersweet regret that comes with that. They’re both a reflection on time, individuality, freedom. Musically, they exist in the same landscape for me. Stripped back to vocals and piano so that I can really expose the heart of the songs, with Wasteland introducing a shifting layer of metallic beats underneath, and some beautifully dramatic strings undulating throughout.

‘Young Hearts Run Free’ is released on April 28th, ‘Wasteland’ is released May 12th. The short film accompanying both songs is also released on May 12th.

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Maz x