‘Soho’ out now

Another summer gone and here in London I’ve been busy working on new music.

I’m really excited to have finished a new album for release in June 2022. At the moment, the working title is vulpes, inspired by the wandering urban foxes of London. It’s a series of story-songs set in the city at night, wrapped in a unique, cinematic soundscape of acoustic and electronic elements. It explores themes of anxiety, isolation, inequality, capitalism, insomnia, regret, sexuality, spirituality, absent friends, and the search for redemption in an age of consumerism…. you know, pretty chill stuff…

The first single, Soho, is out now. You can stream it here and watch the video below.

I co-wrote the song with my friend Will Gardner. I’d always been nervous of co-writing before, afraid that my individual voice would be diluted into something less powerful. But this collaboration has been joyful and I love what we’ve made.

The first single from vulpesSoho, is a melancholic hymn to London’s iconic West End and mourns its transformation from a place of eccentricity and independent spirit to a corporate void:

They bought up all the old streets / And they priced out all the old queens / Tore the party down / And put up a burger joint

I really hope you enjoy it.

More soon…

Maz x