Crowdfunding campaign for new album

I’m excited to have launched a crowdfunding campaign for my new album, due to be released in September.

Please visit the page, pre-order the album, and claim some exclusive rewards here:

It’s taken me a while to write because I wanted it to be just right. I’m more than ready to get it made and released in 2019- with your support. I am so passionate about these songs and stories, I hope you’ll get involved and help me to share them.

A lot of the songs are inspired by stories from the women in my family history, as well as my own explorations of how their experiences might be carried by me still. As a result these songs are really important to me and I really want to get them onto a record.

I’ll be working with producer Mattie Foulds to craft a darker sounding record that brings these story songs to life. It’s going to have lush strings, layered vocal harmonies, an amazing band, and, I hope, songs that will mean something to you too.

It’s such a precious project to me that I wanted to keep the record independent, and that’s why I’ve turn to you and Indiegogo. This way there is no middleman, and I get to engage with the people who listen to my music directly.

That means that I don’t have a record label, and am doing this largely by myself. The good side of that is that I get allllll of the power. Creatively and businessly (I am excellent at businessing). The difficult side is that the only capital I have is what I put in myself. So if you could help me get the capital now by pre-ordering and getting yourself some special rewards it would be the difference between an album existing this year and not. Really, I couldn’t do it without you.

If you’ve never given to a crowdfunder before, basically it just means pre-ordering the album. That way, I can use those sales to actually make the album now. Plus, I’ve made available some special rewards, exclusive to you guys, to give you the opportunity to get more involved, and to allow me to connect with you in different ways through my work, which I really would love to do.

I know £10,000 sounds like a lot, but believe me, albums are incredibly expensive to make. I’m not asking you guys to fund all of it, just hoping you’ll step in and pre-order the album, and I hope pledge for some rewards, so that I can have some funds upfront to get the thing made. The main costs are recording: studio costs, producer fees, session musician fees, then mixing, mastering….you get the picture. To do this right, and respect the songs with a well-crafted record, I can’t scrimp on the outlay. You’ll be able to tell the difference I’m sure.


The album- the main one is, of course, the album. A signed copy, a digital copy, a copy of the songs stripped back and acoustic, whichever you like, or all 3!

Lyrics- My lyrics are very important to me and you can choose some to be written out by my hand, signed and sent to your door. You can even order them all and I will make them into a special book for you.

House concerts- I will travel to your very home and play songs for you and your chosen loved ones. House concerts are a gorgeous way for us to connect over music and food and chat.

Songwriting workshop- I’m going to hold a songwriting workshop in London in the Summer exclusively for you album supporters.

Look- basically, there’s loads. Go and have a look and I hope you’ll find something you like.

I can’t wait to make this record, with your help. Please share the campaign around if you can, it really  makes a difference.