The Wife of Michael Cleary: A Songbook

The Wife of Michael Cleary: A Songbook

The Wife of Michael Cleary is the first piece of music theatre from composer and performer Maz O’Connor.

Inspired by traditional Irish music, her piece tells the true story of Bridget Cleary, who lived in Co. Tipperary over a century ago.

In 1895, at the age of 26, Bridget was burned to death by her husband and family. They claimed they had not killed Bridget, but a changeling left in her place by fairies. News of this shocking case spread through Ireland and across the sea to England, where it was used as fodder in the Home Rule debates.

This new work explores the folklore and superstitions that were rife in an Ireland on the verge of great change. It highlights how societies overlook and enable violence against women and asks ‘how much has really changed for women in the past century?’.

Join us for a stripped-back evening of music from the show, alongside the traditional music that inspired it. This is a unique chance to preview aspects of The Wife of Michael Cleary as Maz and her team develop it towards full production.

Please note 8.15pm start time NOT 8pm, as printed in some listings. We anticipate the show running at over an hour.



Starts On

October 22, 2021 - 8:15 pm

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